In this episode, Conor and Bryce chat with Jonathan O’Connor about his career path from C++ to Java to Ruby and back to C++, as well as his work in Rwanda and a discussion about quines!


About the Guest:

Jonathan O’Connor in 1988 joined Glockenspiel, a small Irish company. C++ had no virtual destructors, but it did have a coroutine library! I spent 2 years teaching C++ and OOP. In 2000, he switched over to Java. But by 2010, he started 7 wonderful years writing in Ruby. In 2016, he returned to a completely different C++, where one never had to see a pointer if you didn’t want to. These days he is helping to make the world a better place writing C++ code for LADE GmbH, a company building electric car charging infrastructure.

Show Notes

Date Recorded: 2023-10-18
Date Released: 2023-10-20

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